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Pasadena Herbal Club Cannabis Dispensary in Pasadena

Your story is our story. In fact, we made it our purpose. Pasadena Herbal Club Cannabis Dispensary  believes that everyone should have access to the best possible care. From the products we curate to the personalized customer care we provide, we put our belief into action with truth and transparency. This is our purpose and it’s only natural that we find ourselves here—showing the many ways cannabis can, and does, improve quality of life.  We created Pasadena Herbal Club for you. And as long as you need help, Pasadena Herbal Club Cannabis Dispensary will be here to provide it.

As a top Pasadena cannabis dispensary, Pasadena Herbal Club strives to provide the best quality cannabis products, recreational cannabis, cannabis extracts, and infused products available at competitive prices and with compassion that can only come from those who are knowledgeable in the field. This mission guides every step we take in our business, from the types of products we offer to the way we approach our relationships with customers.

Our  Cannabis Shop Principle

At Pasadena Herbal Club cannabis dispensary, our staff works continuously to source medical cannabis products from only licensed cultivators and processing centers. Our suppliers must meet rigorous internal standards and have a proven record of producing high-quality medical marijuana products which have been batch-tested and controlled for potency, consistency, cleanliness, and safety.

Our Dispensary Philosophy

That’s why everything from our cultivation efforts, to our retail store, to the brands we carry are crafted and curated to deliver an unrivaled experience for our cannabis customers. We believe that if you put the best care into your cannabis product, it’ll take the best care of you.

Our Cannabis Product Promise

At Pasadena Herbal Club, we are a cannabis dispensary committed to make a positive difference in our customers lives and we promise to cultivate good health and happiness in the community. Come see why Pasadena Herbal Club is unlike any other cannabis dispensary in Pasadena.

Every day we learn a little more about the powers of cannabis and those who use this time-tested plant to better their lives. We have a passion for technology, a hunger for research and a need for consistent and meticulous process. There’s still so much work to do on the science side, so much to discover, and we proudly accept that challenge.

Our Cannabis Staff Here For You

Our team is here to help you feel better, heal better and live better in Pasadena.

We have watched those we love struggle to get what they need to be well and we believe there’s a better way. Everyone has the right to access a natural option that our bodies are literally made for. Together, we’ll map out a cannabis protocol designed to help you own your health. Your quality of life matters.

Looking for exhilaration? Want to chill? Sharpen your focus? Just be you? With so many cannabis products, brands, and consumption methods we’re here to guide you on your cannabis journey. We work with you to establish a holistic understanding of your needs, wants and desires to ensure a positive and successful experience.

Your Safety

You and our staff are top priority. We are taking the correct measures to keep you safe. We practice social distancing and we sanitize our shop consistently throughout the day. 

Our Mission Here at Pasadena Herbal Club Cannabis Dispensary

Today, most cannabis is grown using 100% artificial lighting that is designed to mimic the sun, and while several lighting manufactures have come close none have been able to duplicate the spectrum and intensity of our sun. Pasadena Herbal Club,  has been focused since day one in Pasadena on using natural sunlight.

Pasadena Herbal Club is committed to providing the highest quality, competitively priced, lab tested cannabis available. We believe that relying 100% on artificial light does not make sense for our employees, our customers, or the environment. Growing with natural sunlight just makes sense for everyone involved and we believe you will see and taste the difference.

We Are Confident

Know you are buying quality. Know you have access to the latest products. And know how to use what you choose. Pasadena Herbal Club is your local cannabis shop in pasadena with the widest selection of quality brands. We pride ourselves in providing transparency and educational support for the safe use of cannabis. We’re always working behind the scenes to bring innovative new products, services, and solutions to you.

Our People Are For You

At Pasadena Herbal Club, nothing is more important than meeting the needs of our customers. That’s why our world-class staff is trained to be educators rather than salespeople. Our job isn’t done until you feel empowered to choose the best medical cannabis for your individual needs.

Choose Quality

We bring our customers in Pasadena consistent and effective products. We pledge superlative quality and maintain the highest standards and most innovative techniques from nursery, to lab, to shelf.

Choose Care

We are proud of the level of genuine care we give our customers, and our dedication to educating each one we serve. In the process, we educate ourselves. No story is a typical story. It’s the story of someone’s life, and we always come away with a new understanding and a greater degree of empathy for the people who rely on our products and appreciate our support.

Diverse Recreational Cannabis Products

Our dispensary also provides vape products like concentrates, cartridges, and accessories, as well as wide a range of non-psychoactive CBD products, including tinctures, topicals, bath salts, and more.  In other words, we have something for everyone. However, our large selection doesn’t impact our commitment to quality.  All edibles are tested and sealed for safety and consistency, and our passionate and knowledgeable staff possesses strong product knowledge so they can answer questions and advise you on which recreational cannabis or CBD products will best suit your particular needs.

In this day and age, you don’t need to choose a second-rate pot shop that’s looking to turn a profit by cutting corners and delivering inferior and inconsistent products.  Pasadena Herbal Club cannabis dispensary has the high-quality recreational marijuana and CBD products you seek. What are you waiting for? Reach out to us today at 259 S Rosemead Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107 or simply call us on (626) 624-7576.

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