1. Do you accept out of state IDs?

     Yes, out of state government issued IDs are accepted.


  1. Do I have to pay a fee to be in your club?

     No. we are not a club. You just need to fill out a first rime patient form and have a valid government issued ID.


  1. “I dont have my medical recommendation card, just my ID. can i still come in” ?

     Yes , all you need is a non-expired ID.


  1. “I lost my ID. I have a picture of it. Will that work?”

     No, you need a physical identification to enter this establishment. Even if your a returning patient.


  1. Do you accept international IDs/passports?

     Yes we accept out of state IDs and passports.


    6.Do you take apple pay/cash app cards/debit cards?

    No. we do not. We are cash only, we have an ATM machine inside.


  1. Are there any deals for first time patients?

     Yes, first time patients get to choose between 7g 8ths or bogo vape. ( first 8th only and first vape only).


  1. What do your prices range from?

     We have a online menu you can check out with prices, pictures and product information.


  1. How old do you have to be to enter?

     Every 18 years old and up are welcomed.


  1. Are you medical or recreational?

    We are recreational, you don’t need a medical card to enter.